Out Impact

Environmental Metrics

Sustainability at TAMGA is a journey, and we’re always seeking ways to lessen our impact. How do we do this? Simple, by focusing on the numbers.

From the begining we have been working with Green Story , an environmental research firm that helps us track the impact of our garments - from field to fashion. This means that we know the total water and energy usage, carbon emissions, and even chemical toxicity at every stage of production and transportation.

Our favourite part? Sharing these numbers with you! On every product page, you'll see the impact of that garment compared to the industry average, so you can understand the environmental footprint of a TAMGA piece before buying it.

Carbon Neutral Fashion

Let’s be honest – even though our garments create less carbon emissions than most, we would rather they didn’t create any at all. Since that’s not possible, we decided to neutralize all of the emissions created by our garments from raw material all the way to your door.  

Starting 2019, all TAMGA garments are carbon neutral. What this means is that we fund projects that absorb the same amount of carbon created by our garments – like planting a tree that sucks the carbon we create out of the atmosphere. From raw material to fibre, yarn to fabric, and final product all the way to your closet, we track the emissions created and buy Gold Standard carbon offsets.

Annual Impact Report

Our TAMGA journey began in 2016 with an ambition to create exciting and colourful fashion in an ethical and sustainable way. Even though we are very proud of our supply chain today, sustainability is not something that we pretend to have 'achieved'. We have a responsibility to constantly improve, ask tough questions, and make difficult decisions balancing profit, design and the planet. We hope this impact report gives you the same sense of ambition and hope that it inspires us.