About Us

TAMGA Designs is a sustainable lifestyle movement, born out of the need for a positive example in fashion. 
We believe in a bright future for style, people and the planet, so we create clothing that respects all three.

Our Story

We started TAMGA in 2014 while living in Dhaka, Bangladesh, working for the UN and different NGOs with an ambition to change the world. My fiancé Eric and I arrived shortly after a garment factory collapsed, claiming over a thousand lives and leaving a pile of fashionable clothing brands amidst the rubble. The injustice, and our role in it as consumers of these brands, became painfully clear. We started asking questions, learning about the industry, and visiting factories. We followed paths that simultaneously broke our hearts and inspired us to take action.

Our journey building TAMGA has been far from a fairytale, but undoubtedly our biggest adventure yet. From days spent buying fabric in the chaotic textile markets of Dhaka, to months on the road building our own supply chain from scratch, we’ve been solely focused on one goal: proving that fashion can be a force for good.

Today we’re proud to be creating vibrant and premium quality clothing from the world’s best sustainable materials, with dignified conditions for every worker throughout the process. We're excited to continue our journey and share every step of it with you, our TAMGA tribe.


TAMGA’s signature hand-drawn prints tap into the vibrancy and expression of a colourful life.

We are endlessly inspired by travel, textiles and most of all – colour. We design every garment to be a free-flowing statement of art, creativity and the inner free spirit. Feminine silhouettes and flowy shapes carry you from day, to night, to your next adventure.

Our Commitment

Protecting Indonesia’s Endangered Rainforests

The biodiversity of Indonesia’s rainforests is among the planet’s highest; orangutans, tigers, elephants and rhinos all call them home. Logging these rich forests for rayon fabric is having a long-term impact on the ecosystem that is hard to reverse. We’ve partnered with Canopy Style and the Sumatran Orangutan Society to protect these forests and develop solutions for a better future.