Fabrics & Dyes

Great design can’t exist without great materials. At the foundation of every TAMGA garment is a search for the world’s best sustainable fibres. Our journey begins with the raw materials, everything else builds from there.


TAMGA Lenzing Modal

                Lenzing Modal

Super Soft

This comfortable yet luxurious fabric allowed us to finally call off our search for the perfect T-shirt fabric. Superior to touch and wear, our eco-friendly Lenzing Modal hails from sustainably managed beech wood forests in Europe.

Did you know that many wood-based fabrics are being sourced from ancient and endangered forests? At TAMGA, we make sure that all our fibres come from sustainable and FSC-certified sources - so you can spend more time living in your favourite tee and worrying less about your enviromental footprint.



Wrinkle Resistant

We fell in love with TENCEL® at first touch. This light and airy fabric is sustainably grown from renewable eucalyptus wood and made into fibre using an award-winning closed loop process that recycles 99.8% of water and solvents.

A TAMGA garment made from TENCEL® uses a fraction of the water, energy and emissions of a conventional viscose or cotton item. Travel happy knowing this eco-friendly and renewable fabric is healthy for you and the planet.


TAMGA Lenzing Micro-TENCEL
Organic Cotton TAMGA Designs

                Organic Cotton

Zero Pesticides
Ethically Sourced

Although it’s a staple in textile and fashion industries, cotton has a massive impact on the planet and people that farm it. Nearly 25% of the world’s insecticide is used farming conventional cotton and it’s still picked using forced labour in many parts of the world.

We use an incredibly light and soft cotton grown organically in Gujarat, India that is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) to be ethically sourced and free from harmful chemicals.


Low-Impact Dyes

It's no secret that at TAMGA we love colour - but the conventional dyes used on most clothing are toxic to people and our planet. At TAMGA, our vivid colours come from low-impact dyes that use 70% less water than conventional synthetic dyes. Our OEKO-Tex 100 certified colours are free of any harmful chemicals and react beautifully to our sustainable and ethically sourced fabrics.

Anywhere from 60-70% of dyes used in the textile industry contain suspected carcinogens, heavy metals and other toxic chemicals. We refuse to include any of these dyes or chemicals in our designs and ensure that our dyehouses only use the most enviromentally and ethically responsible products.

TAMGA Designs Eco-Friendly Dyes

"60-70% of dyes in the textile industry contain suspected carcinogens, heavy metals and other toxic chemicals."

Eco Packaging

Eco Friendly Packaging

Details Matter

Why stop at the clothing when disposable packaging is such a problem? Every detail matters to us and our planet.

Our biodegradable garment bags are made in Indonesia from cassava starch. They break down naturally within months, or you can dissolve it right before your eyes when mixed with hot water in a tall glass.

Even the little things like our tags are made from 100% post-consumer paper by a social enterprise in Bali. Used paper is collected from hotels, schools and businesses on the island, it is then shreded and turned into paste, and lastly, pressed by hand and dried outdoor by Bali's sunshine.

The Good Stuff

We're always looking to learn more about the materials we use and their long term impact on the environment. That's why TAMGA partnered with an environmental research firm to compare the impact of our fabrics to conventional viscose, a non-eco fabric that's similar to our Modal and TENCEL®.

On each TAMGA product you'll now see the exact water, energy and emissions that you've saved through a TAMGA purchase. We also share the real-time impact we've achieved from all purchases to date on our homepage. That's The Good Stuff.


TAMGA Sustainable Impact