TAMGA Little TAMGA Little

TAMGA Little

    Eco-friendly kids clothing in colorful prints.
    We created TAMGA Little because we couldn’t find natural, anti-bacterial and toxin free children’s clothing for kids ages 2-6. Every TAMGA Little piece is made from botanic and sustainable eucalyptus fiber, and printed with organic certified dyes that contain no toxins. These children’s dresses and blouses are ethically made with full transparency, so you can know exactly what goes against your child’s skin. 

    Mainstream children’s clothing is produced with a shocking number of chemicals that can be harmful to our children, TAMGA little is your alternative. Our kids should be able to play freely outdoors in high quality and colorful styles without damaging the planet that they’ll rely on for the future. Every TAMGA garment is ethically made to a high standard, so you’ll be handing it down rather than throwing it away. 

    Find the perfect size for your little one from ages 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. If it doesn’t fit perfectly, just send it back and we’ll exchange it to another size free of cost.