Eco Fabrics of TAMGA designs

At TAMGA Designs, we believe that great design can’t exist without great materials, so we use only sustainable fabrics that are as good for our style as they are for the planet.


The majority of TAMGA clothing is made from woven and knit TENCEL®, a fibre that harnesses the power of nature to make what might be the most luxurious fabric we have ever felt. It is harvested from FSC certified eucalyptus forests, and over 99% of the solvents and water used in producing it are recycled in a closed loop process. In fact, TENCEL® uses 10-20 times less water than cotton. It’s been called the ‘fibre of the future’ – we couldn’t agree more.

Lenzing Modal

Like TENCEL®, Lenzing’s Modal comes from wood – beechwood to be exact. Austrian company Lenzing AG is at the cutting Edge of sustainable technology, and this fabric is no exception. While other Modal has contributed to clear cutting of forests and the dispersal of harmful chemicals into the environment, this fabric is made from 100% sustainable forests with over 95% of water and solvents being recycled in the process of production.

Organic Cotton

We all wear cotton, but not all of us know the impact it has on people and the planet. Conventional cotton uses more insecticides than any other crop in the world, and is responsible for 11% of the world’s pesticide usage.  It’s also one of the world’s thirstiest crops – it can take up to 2,700 litres to produce a single t-shirt! TAMGA uses only GOTS certified organic cotton from Bhamedi Farmer Group in Gujarat, India, that is grown without the use of any harmful chemicals and makes better use of water inputs.