March 22, 2017
World Water Day
To mark world water day, TAMGA is giving 20% of all sales to Charity: Water.
663 million people lack access to clean water, let's make business part of the solution.
Why Charity: Water?
Charity: Water is one our favourite organizations. It's super transparent and gets private donors to support it's operations so that 100% of donations go directly to water projects. We've seen them in action in Bangladesh, and their projects and local partnerships have a big impact.
The Impact of Fashion
The treatment and dyeing of textiles contributes to an estimated 20% of industrial water pollution worldwide. At TAMGA, we look at every stage of our supply chain to ensure responsible use of water - from our fabrics, to our low-impact dyes. If you want to learn more about the impact of the fashion industry on the world's waterways, have a look at this article.

Check out the TAMGA Shop and help us support clean water 4 all!


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