Solano BTS

Solano BTS

Our newest eco-basics range 'Solano' was recently shot in a dreamy studio set-up at Mint Studio Rooms in downtown Toronto. Pastel-pink walls, wicker peacock chairs, and large tropical plants screamed a Moroccan getaway in luxuriously soft TAMGA basics. 

The studio set-up was not only perfect for the campaign 'Solano' (meaning a hot oppressive east wind of the Mediterranean region) but the flooding light that we so lucky to get that day gave a gorgeous glow to the space. 

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TAMGA Designs Solano BTS
 TAMGA Designs Solano BTSTAMGA Designs Solano BTSTAMGA Designs Solano BTS

A big thank you goes out to the crew behind our Solano campaign:

Muse: Chelsea Tomecek
Photography: Yana Dales
Film: Anthony De Luca
Location: Mint Room Studios


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