A Mindful Gifting Guide

A Mindful Gifting Guide

With Christmas just a few short days away, we wanted to share our top 4 tips to gift mindfully this holiday season. What exactly is mindful gifting you might be wondering? Well, to gift mindfully is to shop with your values at the forefront, and to seek out eco, handmade, ethical and/or sustainable gifts. The holidays are a great opportunity to gift with a purpose and tell a story behind the gift (rather than buying something random for the sake of giving a gift). You don't have to be an eco expert or sustainability activist to gift with a purpose, just follow the tips below and help spread mindful holiday cheer. 
1. Take the time to research
Thinking ahead makes a world of a difference when it comes to finding the perfect mindful gift. Once you figure out what type of product to gift, take the time to find a maker or brand who makes it responsibly. With so much 'greenwashing' on the internet, taking the time to research, ask questions and understand the impact of your purchase will have you finding the perfect mindful gift. 

2. Set your intentions
The intention behind the gift is just as important as the way it was crafted. By taking the time to share the story behind the present you're not only making it a much more meaningful experience for the receiver, but you are sharing your world views and how it reflects through the purchase. This is also a great opportunity for your friends, colleagues and family to be introduced to new brands and makers who share your values. Gifts that 'give-back' to environmental, social or local organizations are a wonderful way of sharing a story (did you know that at TAMGA we donate 1% of all our sales to the Sumatran Orangutan Society)!

3. Quality over quantity
Investing in high-quality gifts means that they will be cherished and looked after for years to come. By choosing quality over quantity (for example buying 1 well-made garment crafted ethically using natural fibres versus 5 fast-fashion garments for the same price) you are voting with your dollars for a future that has fewer disposable products in it. High-quality doesn't mean exclusively luxury - take the time to research and find that well-made gift that's within your price range!

4. Mindful Packaging
The gift-giving experience doesn't stop at purchasing the present, how you'll be presenting it is just as important! With endless eco-friendly wrapping inspiration on Pinterest, there's no reason why mindfulness can't extend to packaging. From using old newspapers, kraft paper, scrap fabric and reusable tote bags, reducing our environmental footprint during the holidays has never been easier!

Happy holidays! 

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