TAMGA Leading Lady Paulina

Leading Ladies: Paulina Gutierrez

On our most recent trip to Mexico to shoot our upcoming 'Tropika' collection, we caught up with mama and artist Paulina Gutierrez in her home-town Sayulita! We have been following Paulina's artwork on Instagram for quite some time so we were thrilled to meet her at her gallery and learn all about her work, coastal sustainable living and the importance of raising children to respect nature. 

Scroll down for the full feature and check out Paulina's styled look in the Talia Dress and Makala Jumpsuit

Paulina, tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do!

I’m an artist and co-owner of PALÚ Gallery. I have been living in a beautiful surf/fishing town called Sayulita for the past 13 years and enjoying life with my two kids, my partner, and my friends. We all love to create and surf - living each day to its fullest. 

What’s a typical day look like for you?

An average day for us is to get up, check the surf, if there are waves we go surfing, if there are no waves, then a little work and lots of eating! 

 TAMGA Designs Leading Lady PaulinaTAMGA Designs Leading Lady Paulina TAMGA Designs Leading Lady Paulina

How did your gallery PALÚ Art for your heart come about? Where can people find it?

The idea of opening up a gallery came about 4 years ago - I really wanted to have my own space where I could create and be around friends. One of my best friends, Anne Luna, who is a very talented artist with a dreamy aesthetic had the same dream, so we combined our visions to create PALÚ in downtown Sayulita. We wanted to make people’s hearts happy with our art, that’s why our slogan reads ‘Art for Your Heart’. Joyful, mindful art that will make you smile every time you look at it. We also have two talented in-house photographers - Curt Barter who is an amazing drone photographer capturing nature in a very unique perspective, and Samuel Resendiz who is an underwater photographer capturing the beauty of the sea world!

How long have you been creating your beautiful artwork? How did you develop your style and what was your stylistic journey?

I have been creating ever since I can remember! Growing up I always had a piece of paper and a pencil in my hand, and when I moved to Sayulita, I was inspired by this amazing little paradise and developed a tropical aesthetic to my art.

Where do you draw inspiration for your work/who influences you most to create?

From Mother Nature (Pachamama), the tropical environment surrounding me, the ocean the waves and most importantly from love. All this inspires me to create and paint every minute that I can!

TAMGA Desigs Leading Lady Featurea TAMGA Desigs Leading Lady Feature  TAMGA Desigs Leading Lady Feature

Does Sayulita (or Mexico) feed into your creative process? How so?

Absolutely! My Mexican roots feeds my creativity every day! Just by looking out in to the jungle or the ocean I get filled up with ideas and colours.

As a mother, what are some of the ways in which you teach your children about our environment and sustainability?

By setting the right example! Ever since they were born, my children watch my actions and learn from them. If I respect nature, then they do too. Here in Mexico there’s not enough education about taking care of the environment, but if we lead by example our children follow! At home we compost, recycle, we are vegans and we grow our own trees that provide us with fruits and vegetation. We love nature, animals and everything Mother Nature has to offer, so by taking care of our planet and teaching our children, they will have a safe, healthy and happy future.

Living in Sayulita you obviously spend so much time outdoors - how does nature recharge you?

I think the ocean cures everything! Your soul, your heart and your body. We spend most of our day in the sun, the ocean or just exploring around Sayulita! 

TAMGA Designs Leadin Ladies Feature  TAMGA Designs Leading Ladies Feature  

Sayulita has become a very popular destination for visitors lately - any tips or tricks to be more eco-conscious when visiting Sayulita?

We have been getting better at taking care of our little town - we are trying to make every business in Sayulita become plastic-free. I think we are almost there but it hasn’t been an easy transition. So if you visit Sayulita, bring your water bottle and take-out containers.

What are some recommendations for first-time visitors?

Our town has amazing food!!! Some of my faves are La Rústica, Mary’s, el Jakal, pizza Venezia, Yeikame, Choco Banana, Miscelánea and Yah Yahs café  (they all have vegans options too 😉). For shops check out our very own PALÚ Gallery, Revolución del Sueño, Evoke the Spirit and all the little shops around are just so amazing! For activities make sure to visit Marietta’s Island (with Ally Cat sailing) and Rancho mi Chaparrita! 

What’s your favourite TAMGA piece and why?

My favourite TAMGA pieces include the beautiful blue Talia Dress, the Frida Pants (they're so fun and flowy), I love how comfortable the Makala Jumpsuit is and the Citra Skirt makes you feel like a bohemian queen! I want them All!

TAMGA Designs Leading Ladies Feature TAMGA Designs Leading Ladies Feature

Thank you Paulina for letting us interview you and showing us around Sayulita! Be sure to check back soon and meet TAMGA's next leading lady.

TAMGA Babe: Paulina Guttierrez

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