How to Pack For Different Climates

How to Pack For Different Climates

At the beginning of October, our team headed off to Tucson, Arizona to shoot our newest collection Wildwood. Picture beautiful fiery sunsets, a sea of cacti and a desert landscape - Arizona took our breath away! One of the most interesting things about this region is the difference in climate between the North and South of the state. When packing for the trip, it was hard enough to pare down and choose just the essentials, let alone pack for all types of weather. That’s why we put together our top tips on packing for multiple climates. Curious? Read on and check out the snaps of our co-founder Yana in the items she packed for the trip!

1. Write a packing list

Most people skip this step but it’s actually SO useful! Note the number of days that you'll be away and what you'll be doing. This will be helpful when it comes to slimming down your suitcase and ensuring you remember to pack a versatile wardrobe that will work with all the activities on your trip!

TAMGA_GiniaSkirt_Muna TAMGA_GiniaSkirt_Muna
TAMGA_GiniaSkirt_Muna TAMGA_GiniaSkirt_Muna

*Paring down your suitcase will also help you narrow in on your fashion style, thus helping you get a good sense of what your capsule wardrobe would be like!

2. Layer your outfits
A great way to vary your outfits without bringing your whole closet is to layer up and down! This will be helpful when going from hot to cold weather or vice versa. Packing clothes that layer well will allow you to mix and match and create many different looks. Go a step further and wear your bulkier clothes on your travel days so they don't take up unnecessary space in your suitcase.

TAMGA_AishaKimono_Muna TAMGA_AishaKimono_Muna

3. Pack light
Shoes bulk up suitcases in a hurry, but trips with multiple activities and climates sometimes demand several pairs. An easy way to minimize your shoe count is to bring neutral shoes with you that are easy to transition from day to night. Most trips just require a comfortable set of walking shoes and shoes to wear out at night. If you’re looking to save more room in your suitcase wear the shoes that will take up the most space on your travel days!

TAMGA_SierraDress_Talise TAMGA_SierraDress_TaliseTAMGA_SierraDress_Talise TAMGA_SierraDress_Talise

*Packing light also helps with lessening the CO2 that the trains, planes, and cars you take use as they will be carrying less weight - an eco-travel win!

4. Pack versatile clothing
Rather than packing specific outfits for day and night, go for the most versatile options you have. That way you will be able to mix and match your outfits. Another great way to dress up your daytime outfits is to bring some jewelry with you. This will automatically spice up your outfit and make you feel a little more glammed up for any dinners or events you’re heading to in the evening.  *Packing versatile clothing is also a great way to start having fun with the clothes you already own! This is also a great mindset to have when starting to focus on more sustainable shopping habits that limit our consumption. You'll start looking at quality over quantity and find lots of new uses for your existing pieces!

TAMGA_AishaKimono_TaliseTAMGA_SierraDress_Talise TAMGA_SierraDress_Talise

Be sure to refer back to this list when you’re getting ready for your next trip! We hope it helps make your suitcase a little bit lighter so you can spend less time packing and more time getting excited for your adventures.

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