How to Give Back this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

How to Give Back this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

As the weather cools down and our calendars flip to November, the inevitable Black Friday ads start creeping in. It seems that no matter how hard you try to avoid the annual hysteria it’s everywhere you turn. Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be prime examples of mindless consumption - but it doesn’t have to be so bleak! We’re here to tell you that it is possible to be an ethical consumer while still benefiting from the deals.

There are lots of businesses selling consumer goods that actually do GOOD for people and the planet. This Black Friday / Cyber Monday, make your dollars go further by finding products that you truly believe in – and don’t worry, you can still save some money! Read on for some simple advice and a few of our favourite brands to look out for.

Look for ethical and sustainable clothing stores that give back 

Many brands will be donating a portion of their sales to organizations or charities as a way to make Black Friday a positive event! Rather than getting 40% off, would you be willing to get 20 off and donate half the discount to a cause you believe in? With this guide and some googling, you'll find a way to get a deal and support something you believe in (also referred to as a "win-win").

Look Beyond the Biggest Black Friday Discounts 

It’s important to remember that every company is different in terms of the amount they discount their product. Some companies (like *ahem* TAMGA) choose to start with a fair price and avoid the massive blow-out 80% off sales, while others stay permanently on sale as a marketing tactic (and ps, it works). So make sure you look at supporting the brand, mission or product rather than looking for the highest percentage off. 

Explore directories like Good On You and DoneGood to find ethical fashion brands that fits your values

Remember price point should not be the only thing that determines what you shop on Black Friday, it’s best to only support companies that align with your values. Use directories like Good on You and DoneGood to help find ethical fashion brands that fit with your values. That way you have a win-win situation as you save some money but also have the opportunity to support an organization you believe in.

Plan what you need before Black Friday, so you don’t get caught up in the frenzy of impulse buying

Before shopping, look at your closet. When it seems like everything under the sun is on sale, it can be easy to mindlessly purchase things you don't actually need. If you find there are some gaps in your wardrobe that you have been wanting to fill for a while, take note of what those gaps are, this will help prevent you from buying items just because of the sales and rather taking the opportunity to find some great stuff you actually need!

Shopping online?
Look at how brands ship their products

If you’re shopping online this Black Friday/Cyber Monday take a minute to look at how the brand will be shipping out your product. This is a great way to really delve into the company’s beliefs, and help you decide if supporting them follows your own values. Look for brands that ship carbon neutral, and turn down the express shipping options – it leads to a much higher carbon footprint when compared to standard shipping. Additional points for brands that use plastic-free and/or biodegradable packaging (imagine the mountains of plastic packaging Black Friday will create…).

Brands that Give Back on Black Friday*

The Clean Collective
The Clean Collective introduces itself as Australia’s strictest toxin-free shop, and savviest source of zero-waste solutions. Rather than having a black Friday sale, the Clean Collective has re-named their sale “Green Friday Festival” which is a part of its 46-day long conscious Christmas campaign. Shoppers will benefit from 20% off all purchases, from the 12th of November to December 2nd where all profits will be donated to Trees for the Future with the aim of funding the planting of 50,000 new trees.

HFS Collective
HFS Collective is a brand created by a mother-daughter duo in California. It is an ethical and sustainable driven brand that produces a selection of wallets, and bags using only vegan methods. HFS Collective will be giving shoppers 25% off all purchases, plus 10% of all sales will go to Tree Peoples California Emergency Fire Recover Fund to help California recover from the recent fires.

Credo Beauty
Looking for new self-care products that aren’t tested on animals or harm the environment? In 2018 Credo Beauty offered huge discounts on brands like Tata Harper, Goop, and RMS – keep your eyes peeled for this year’s discounts which are sure to be announced soon.

Mejuri is an ethical jewelry brand that focuses on quality over quantity if you’re looking to add more jewelry to your collection than look no further. Mejuri rarely discounts its products but will be having a Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, 10% off one item, 15% off two items and 20% off three items or more!

Also known as #givebackpacks, for every backpack sold this brand hand-delivers a backpack packed with school essentials to a local child in need. This Black Friday they are offering 35% off their entire site!

Looking for beautifully designed apparel and accessories? Cuyana is offering to donate a percentage of your purchase to the victims of the fires in California!

TAMGA Designs
Don’t forget to check out our Forest Friendly Friday! Some of the most valuable ecosystems on earth are being degraded as a result of fashion and we have partnered with the Sumatran Orangutan Society to help replant the Sumatran rainforest. Shoppers will enjoy 20% off sitewide with an additional 20% donated from every purchase to real and measurable re-forestation initiatives in one of the most critically endangered ecosystems on earth.

*Quick note - we've done our homework, but we still can't 100% guarantee these brands will run the sales as described here since we don't make that call.

At the end of the day remember to support companies that align with your ethics and great causes, there is no need to sacrifice on your ethics and values!

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