Four Tips to Make Your Summer Travels Eco Friendly

Four Tips to Make Your Summer Travels Eco Friendly

As the winter snow melts, and the days get longer we can’t help but dream about the summer adventures ahead! Summertime means trips abroad, to the cottage, or sandy beach adventures, but no matter where you are in the world knowing how to pack the eco-friendly way will save you a lot of hassle and stress when your vacation finally rolls around (we’re already counting down the days until ours, are you?). The following tips and tricks will help you remain fashionable, stylish and sustainable no matter where you are!  

Tip One: Pack Versatile and Sustainable Clothes

Step one is my favourite part of packing: “the clothes!” Now if you’re like me you may be a serial over packer, but let me give you a tip. Before packing divide your clothes into three sections: day, beach, and evening wear. This will ensure that you have all your favourite looks for every occasion of your trip! Make your choices versatile, mix patterns and solids. Small fashionable accents go a long way to create a visual impact. Lucky for you TAMGA has some beautiful pieces fit for a dreamy summer adventure.

We’re all about being comfortable and looking great at TAMGA so as a fun day piece pack a romper. This outfit will be a no brainer as you get ready in the morning- saving you time for more adventures to bike around local markets, or explore city centers. Why not try the TAMGA Crystal Romper, this is an absolute dream especially in the summer. Pair this romper with some amazing rope sandals from Nomadz. Not only will you look camera ready, but you will be comfortable throughout the day – and they say dreams don’t come true!

Nothing looks better on a beach, then a loose and free-flowing kimono. You’ll be channeling the bohemian vibes straight away as you slip into one for a stroll down the beach. We would pack the Nina Kimono, as its colourful, lightweight and easy to wear. It could also be paired with your casual or elegant outfits. The bold colour breathes life into a look!

TAMGA Designs Nina Kimono TAMGA Designs Crystal RomperTAMGA Designs Crystal Romper
Nina Kimono - $95 CAD, Crystal Romper - $129 CAD, Hat (Bohème).
As your hitting up the beach you’ll definitely be in the needs for a versatile beach bag. A beautiful vintage straw bag can be a practical accessory to any vacation outfit. If you’re looking for a beach towel to make those tropical pictures extra beautiful we recommend checking out Eco Hilana, their towels are made from upcycled cotton made with 100% clean colours – meaning no dyes or chemicals are used in the process.

If you’re looking for a beautiful sun hat to pair with your outfits check out the vintage sun hats from Bohème. Choosing vintage pieces is a great way to make your outfits eco-friendly as it keeps clothes from ending up in landfills thus preventing unnecessary waste! Another favourite for sun hats is Tula Hats, not only are these straw hats ethically sourced and made with sustainable materials, but they also have a zero UV transmittance rate meaning you will look stylish and stay safe from those harmful UV rays. The women’s beach hat would look great paired with a TAMGA kimono on your next beach adventure.
TAMGA Designs Nina Kimono

Nothing is more elegant and fashion-forward for a night out than a beautiful jumpsuit. I would recommend packing the Makala Jumpsuit, as this paired with some heels will instantly make you a show stopper. If you’re in the search for ethically made heels head on over to Everlane and check out their wedge shoe in apricot. These would be amazing with the Makala Jumpsuit and you’ll be sure to dance the night away.

The wonderful thing about all of these pieces is that they are so versatile and can be used for any occasion. Make sure to mix and match once you’ve decided on what to pack!

Tip Two: Go for Eco-Friendly Luggage

To ensure your luggage is eco-friendly find out what materials were used to make it. With higher quality sustainable materials your eco-friendly luggage will last you much longer than the typical nylon and polyester bags. These bags may be more expensive but it is important to remember that there are hidden costs of cheaply-made products.

Some beautiful luggage can be purchased at United by Blue. Not only are their bags beautifully designed but the company also pledges to remove one pound of trash for every product sold. One of our favourite bags is their Mt. Drew Duffle. If you’re looking for a larger suitcase Heys luggage has created a line of luggage called Eco Orbis which comes in various sizes and is made out of 100% recycled ABS plastic.

Tip Three: Pack Reusable Travel Aids

To help ensure your travels are as sustainable as you can make them, remember to pack a reusable water bottle and metal straw. There are many choices we make every day that can impact our world - these two steps are simple but effective in reducing waste! You can purchase re-usable metal straws and bottles at camping supplies stores like MEC or SAIL. Check out MEC’s Klean Kanteen multi color steel straws, which comes in a pack of 4. If these stores aren’t in your local area, has a wide selection of reusable water bottles and metal straws!

TAMGA Designs Sustainable Fashion TAMGA Designs Ethical Fashion

Galla Dress - $125 CAD, Nola Skirt - $99 CAD, Lotus Cami - $85 CAD, Rope Bottle Holder (Nomadz)

Tip Four: Don’t Forget Eco-Friendly Sunscreen

No matter where your holidays take you, bringing sunscreen is always important. However, regular sunscreen can actually be quite harmful to the environment. The National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science has found that ingredients such as Oxybenzone found in some sunscreens can be toxic to the environment and quite damaging to natural ecosystems like coral reefs. So, if you’re heading beachside or looking for an eco-friendly sunscreen we recommend trying out eco-friendly sunscreen, like Sun Bum, which is a reef safe sunscreen made without Oxybenzone.

We hope this has helped with your pre-trip preparations! Be sure to tag us or send us photos of your favourite TAMGA outfit, and check back for the next blog on our sustainable summer series!

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