An Open Letter To Our Community

An Open Letter To Our Community

Dear TAMGA Community,

We’re on the cusp of another holiday season, a time when many of us choose which gifts to buy for our loved ones. We wanted to remind you where your dollars are going when you purchase from our small and committed team.

We started TAMGA six years ago to create a positive example in the fashion industry – exciting, colourful clothing that puts people and the planet first. Over the years we’ve been able to grow as a business by doing exactly that, finding people all over the world who share the same passion.

With your help, we supported our suppliers through COVID, when times in Indonesia were extra tough. We continued to donate thousands of dollars to our partners at the Sumatran Orangutan Society who are re-planting the rainforest. Our sustainable fibres continued to be responsibly sourced, woven, printed, sewn, packaged and shipped by our TAMGA team, tracking the environmental impact of each step.


When we’re spending on holiday gifts, we’re voting on the future that we want, and we’re sharing that intention with loved ones. When you give TAMGA as a gift this holiday season, your impact is felt around the world.


We all look for deals, there’s no shame in it. We run a few sales per year, and our biggest one of the year is coming next week: Forest-Friendly Friday.

For the 5th year in a row, we’re offering great discounts during ‘Black Friday’ weekend. The big difference is that we choose to donate a portion of that discount to our frontline environmental partners at S.O.S., who are protecting and restoring the rainforest in Sumatra with measurable results.

How does it work? We mark down sustainable styles across the website, and on top of that, we donate 20% of all sales to S.O.S. This leads to thousands of dollars going directly to an environmental cause that needs everyone's support. Want to hear first when Forest-Friendly Friday kicks off? Click here to sign-up! 

This holiday season, we encourage you to shop mindfully and share the TAMGA story with friends, family and loved ones. With your support, we’ll continue to build a brighter future for people and the planet!

With love,
Yana, Eric & Anna



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