5 Simple Things You Can Do for the Ocean

5 Simple Things You Can Do for the Ocean

Today (June 8th) is International Oceans Day, so it's a good day to share some of the tips we've picked up on how to protect them! For the past month, our team has been in Bali for the production of our new collection (releasing later this month) and naturally, spending lots of time getting salty in the ocean. As eco-travellers, we make a conscious effort to protect our oceans, so we thought we'd share 5 simple things we do (and so can you) to keep our oceans clean! 

1. Say 'NO' to Single Use Plastics

In the past few decades, plastic has become a huge problem for our health and environment. Saying 'no' to single use plastics is one of the simplest things you can do to help the oceans. Start small, carry your own tupperware, travel mug, shopping bags and straw (if you need one). Each year 100,000 marine animals die from ingesting plastic, and convenience-driven items like plastic straws, takeaway containers, coffee cup lids and plastic grocery bags are big offenders.
TAMGA Designs World Oceans Day TAMGA Designs World Oceans Day

2. Be an ocean-friendly pet owner

It's no secret that doggies love the beach as much as their owners, but it's up to the owners to clean up their pet's waste. Make sure to bring bio-degradable doggie bags with you when taking the pup for a walk, otherwise the bag will most likely end up in our oceans. Our oceans are essential to the health of us and our furry friends, let's keep them free of doggie bags.

3. Join a Beach Clean-Up Group

For the past few weeks in Bali, our team has been partaking in the Barawa beach clean-up (organized by Finns Beach Club). Every Friday at 7am we get together for an hour with garbage bags, tongs and gloves and collect trash that gets sorted into compostable, recyclable or garbage. We also get to spend the morning on the beach and make new friends! If you're in North America, check out the Surfrider Foundation to find a clean-up near you. Can't find one? Start your own, or just bring a garbage bag with you next time you go for a beach walk or jog (also know as 'plogging', which is so amazing).
TAMGA Designs World Oceans Day

4. Stop Littering Your Cigarette Butts

If you're a smoker, careful what you do with your butts. According to some sources, cigarette butts are the world's biggest litter problem. Cigarette filters are not biodegradable and contain several chemicals harmful to the environment and marine life. If you're a smoker that's on the go, get a portable ashtray. Then you can collect the butts and give them to an organization like this one that recycles them. Cigarette packaging (including the plastic wrap) should also be properly disposed in a garbage bin or brought home with you.
TAMGA Designs World Oceans Day

5. Spread the Word

Raising awareness in your local community is one of the most impactful things you can do! From talking to businesses about reducing single-use plastics, to lobbying your local council or MP through a letter or petition, your voice does make a difference. You can also spread the word by sharing this post on social media with some of your own tips! It's possible to take real actions that protect our oceans TODAY, whether we're landlocked or right on the beach. 

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