Ten Reasons to Wear Sustainable This Spring

Ten Reasons to Wear Sustainable This Spring

1. Because we live life in colour (without the chemicals)

We all want to live a colourful life (especially here at TAMGA). But conventional textile dyes contain chemicals and heavy metals that you really don’t want next to your skin or in anyone’s waterways. Many of these toxins are actually suspected carcinogens. This is why we looked far and wide for an alternative. Introducing fibre reactive aka ‘low-impact’ dyes. Using less water, less heat, and containing none of the toxic chemicals or heavy metals, it’s the most eco-friendly alternative to conventional synthetic dyes. So skip the neon polyester, low-impact dyes offer all the beautiful colours without the risk.

2. Because we don't want the pesticides

We love cotton, but we’re really not down with all the pesticides. As demand for cotton grew over the years, so did the amount of chemicals applied to it. At the moment Cotton accounts for 24% of global insecticide usage, and 11% of global pesticides. Scarily enough, five of the nine top pesticides used on cotton in the USA are known cancer causing chemicals. Just as we prefer to eat organic food these days, we have to also shift towards organic cotton. But it’s not a huge leap – check out our men's organic cotton t-shirts, this cotton uses a big fat ZERO pesticides or insecticides and is non-GMO to boot.

3. Because disposable fashion is ridiculous

Who wants to wear disposable clothing anyways? Sustainability in fashion doesn’t just apply to the materials, it also means quality clothing that doesn’t end up in the garbage bin after a few washes. Invest in your wardrobe, buy good quality and you’ll not only feel better, you’ll look better too.

4. Because worker exploitation is not necessary

There is nothing sustainable about artificially low wages and unsafe working conditions. In a crazy race to the bottom, clothing has become cheaper and cheaper as the big brands compete for your dollar. What if we started asking simple questions this spring? What if we just wanted to know that people weren’t put in danger to produce a nice dress? The straightforward question “Who made my clothes” started a Fashion Revolution after the Rana Plaza factory collapse killed more than 1,100 people in Bangladesh – here are some other simple questions to ask your favourite clothing shops, without sounding like a jerk.

5. Because sustainability is style (and vice versa)

Wear it loud, wear it proud. Our style is who we are, so why the hell would we want worker or environmental exploitation to be a part of it? Right now there are more options than ever to buy responsibly made clothes that are comfortable and made to last. This Fair Fashion Guide is a great place to start. 

6. Because... comfort

Not sure if you’ve felt our sustainable fabrics, but they are possibly the softest clothes we have ever come across. Our Micro-Tencel is pretty much the holy grail of sustainable fabrics – it also naturally prevents the growth of odour-causing bacteria, is hypoallergenic, static-free and doesn’t pill (ie: create little balls of fluff on your clothes). 

7. Because the makers deserve some cred

Look closely at your clothing – every stitch, label and hem is made by a skilled human being. It was their job to create what you’re wearing – whether they were halfway across the world or right around the corner, they took the time to make it just for you. That’s pretty cool, and when you appreciate the makers, you also appreciate your clothes that much more.

8. Because natural colours always win 

Have you seen naturally indigo dyed fabric? (If not, check it out here). The deep blue literally cannot be beat, it is mother nature’s gift to fashion. Our natural dye facility in East Bali grows their own dye plants and applies the colour to the fabric by hand, one 5 metre panel of fabric at a time. It takes time, it’s not cheap, but it’s sure as hell worth it.

9. Because of a good story

Your clothing is grown, dyed, cut, sewn, labelled, packaged and shipped. Every step along the way, a pair of hands adds some value to your garment. Look at it this way – would the most interesting man in the world wear cheap, throwaway fashion? Good clothing always has a story (best told over tequila).

10. Because we're into a bright future

Author Dan Brown said that “the decisions of our past are the architects of our present”. Whether you’re a millennial, Generation Y, digital native or whatever grouping we’re put into – the future is ours to build. We created TAMGA Designs because we believe in a bright future, for fashion, style, people and the planet. And we’re starting with the clothes on our back.

Check out the TAMGA shop to pick up your sustainable styles for spring ✌️


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