Forest-Friendly Fashion

"Wood-based fabrics are the fastest growing material in fashion. This spells trouble for our planet’s forests if we don’t act now."

The Problem

Deforestation Fashion

It’s a little-known fact outside the fashion industry that viscose and rayon fabric comes from wood. In fact, more than 150 million trees are logged every year and turned into cellulosic fabric – if placed end to end those trees would circle the earth 14 times.

Some of the world’s most ancient and endangered forests are being logged to feed demand for these fabrics, placing vulnerable ecosystems, wildlife and communities at serious risk.

Where Is It Happening


Indonesia is experiencing the highest deforestation rates in the world. Logging for palm oil and rayon fabric are pushing Indonesia’s Rainforests, including the Leuser Ecosystem in Sumatra, to a point of no return. The Leuser is the last place on earth where four critically endangered species – orangutans, tigers, elephants, and rhinos – co-exist, and it’s disappearing in front of our eyes.

Orangutan Indonesia Sumatra

What You Can Do

Don’t buy viscose, rayon, modal, bamboo, or lyocell unless the brand has committed to responsible fabric sourcing. Look for brands that have joined the CanopyStyle Initiative.

We’re proud to join brands such as Stella McCartney, Patagonia and Eileen Fisher, and be one of the brands that has made a formal commitment to responsible sourcing. We are part of the movement for a future where these fabrics are made from alternative materials like agricultural byproducts and recycled clothing. You can read our CanopyStyle 'Commitment to Protect Forests through our Fabric Choices' here.

TAMGA has partnered with these incredible organizations that are protecting ancient and endangered forests, you can learn more about their work and donate directly to them below.

You can stop deforestation in Fashion

Trees Please Tee

Trees Please Tee by TAMGA Designs

To support the amazing work being done on the ground to protect Indonesia’s endangered forests, we’ve collaborated with the Sumatran Orangutan Society (S.O.S.) to create the 'Trees Please Tee'.

This super soft tee is made from 100% Lenzing Modal, an eco-friendly fabric sourced from sustainably managed beech wood forests. For every tee sold, TAMGA donates $10 to S.O.S to support re-forestation in the Sumatran rainforest.

By purchasing the 'Trees Please Tee', you’re supporting forest-friendly fashion and helping S.O.S. in their valuable re-forestation and wildlife protection work. More trees, please!