Tamga designs Story

TAMGA Designs was established in 2014 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where Yana Barankin and Eric Dales were working in the field of international development. Yana and Eric saw first hand the disturbing conditions in which many Western brands are manufactured, and quickly realized that the fashion industry needs positive examples.

TAMGA started with two simple questions - is it too expensive to produce a socially and environmentally responsible piece of clothing? Does style have to be sacrificed for accountability? The obvious answer to them was ‘no’, and so they set out on a mission to prove just that.


TAMGA began by working with a small group of tailors in Dhaka, who benefited from good wages, a clean working environment, and ample training. Over the span of a year, the response from customers made our mission clear – people were looking for responsible fashion that didn’t break the bank or cramp their style. The business was profitable, and over $2,000 was donated to the FPP orphanage and school for street children in Dhaka.

In 2016, TAMGA Designs packed its bags (well, backpacks to be exact) and moved to Indonesia to scale up and produce an entire women’s range. Joined by their talented designer Anna Valero, the team travelled the islands of Indonesia meeting suppliers, artisans, and organizations. The result is an innovative, responsible and quality driven supply chain that is based on shared goals for the future. The #TAMGAtribe is stronger than ever, and the future is bright!