Our Makers

The first rule of sustainability:
know where it comes from.

Every garment has a journey, formed by raw materials and passed through many careful hands to reach your closet.
At TAMGA our commitment to transparency comes naturally - we just love the journey and sharing it with you!

TAMGA Transparency


The story of our supply chain is the story of our company. We traveled for months knocking on doors and cold calling fabric mills and sewing factories. We did it the hard way so we can stand behind the quality and impact of every single TAMGA garment.

Click on each supplier to learn more about our partners who help create TAMGA garments, from field to fashion.

Lenzing Austria

Our Wood Fibre Source

Purwakarta Indonesia

Our Organic Cotton Yarn Mill

Cirebon Indonesia

Our Lenzing Modal Yarn Mill

Purwakarta Indonesia

Our Knits & Dyeing Mill

Bali Indonesia

Our Sewing Factory

Bali Indonesia

Our Biodegradable Bags

Code of Conduct

Our Supplier Code of Conduct is an agreement with every one of our primary and secondary suppliers. It ensures we're all working under the highest social and environmental standards. The code is built on conventions from the International Labour Organization (ILO), industry best practice and our own professional experience.

Compensation paid by our suppliers to their employees must provide the means, through financial compensation and otherwise, to live with dignity and support one’s family, taking into account the relative living standards in the area of work.


TAMGA suppliers are expected to ensure that the workplaces, machinery, equipment and processes under their control are safe and without undue risk to health.


TAMGA suppliers must comply with all local laws mandating social security or insurance programmes for employees. The working hours of a supplier’s wage employees shall not exceed the regular and overtime amount allowed for by the laws of the country where the workers are employed.


TAMGA suppliers must ensure that relevant training is provided for all levels of employees to meet the needs of their work, and to develop skills for improved productivity and career growth.


All workers and employees of TAMGA suppliers must have the right to establish and join workers’ organizations of their choosing without previous authorization.


No person employed by TAMGA suppliers shall be at an age lower than the age of completion of compulsory schooling, or 15 years old, whichever is higher. TAMGA suppliers must not exact any benefit whatsoever, or employ any persons under forced or compulsory labour.


TAMGA suppliers should not tolerate any form of discrimination and/or harassment in the workplace, whether physical, emotional, sexual or otherwise.


TAMGA suppliers must make themselves available to scrutiny on their energy consumption, waste management, and other areas of environmental impact, whether from TAMGA Designs or an external audit.


No subcontracting related to an order from TAMGA Designs is permitted without prior written consent. Any subcontractor must apply the same rigorous standards as all suppliers, and the burden of proof in this regard is on the primary supplier.


TAMGA suppliers are required upon request to make available records of employment compensation, human resources including hiring and termination, legal compliance, and all other areas mentioned in this code.