About us Mission Vision Core Values and Commitment


To be living, breathing proof that business can do well by doing good.


TAMGA Designs is a creator of consciously designed and produced fashion that reflects a global and travel-inspired lifestyle. We combine unique designs from countries around the world with modern style that makes you feel confident and connected to what you’re wearing. We are grateful to the people who help us create our goods – so we make sure they receive a living wage, safe working conditions and the opportunity to grow individually and professionally. We constantly seek new ways to lessen our impact on the environment and improve our products because we believe in a bright future. We know that knowledge inspires confidence, and we strive for full transparency about how and where our products are made, so you can feel more connected to your threads.

Core Values

Challenge ourselves to constantly improve our products and lessen our environmental footprint

Treat everyone with respect, compassion, and an open mind

Be accountable to those who help us create

We want to give women and men clothes that feel like an extension of themselves - their style, comfort and most importantly, their values.

Our Commitment

To our customers - We commit to producing made-to-last clothing, to providing clear and straightforward customer service, and to being honest about how and where we produce.
To our suppliers and their employees - We aim for long-term relationships, not scattered sub-contracts, so that we can grow with our suppliers. We strive to support our suppliers’ improvement and refer them business to help them arrive and thrive in markets for responsible goods.
To our planet - We commit to causing no unnecessary harm to the natural systems that support our very existence. TAMGA continually searches for the best available technology in materials and production processes. We commit to sharing the good and the bad of our environmental impact, in the spirit of constant improvement.

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