This Forest-Friendly Friday, help us restore one of our planet’s most precious ecosystems.

Why Forest-Friendly Friday?

Old growth forests are an essential defences against climate change, and they’re disappearing in front of our eyes. Indonesia, where all of our TAMGA garments are produced, has the world’s fastest deforestation rate. Behind this is a growing demand for palm oil, clothing and land for food crops.

It’s clear that we must act now to protect and restore these valuable ecosystems, but where do we start? Our partners in Sumatra at S.O.S  and OIC have developed a system to restore old growth rainforests to their former glory, re-creating habitat for critically endangered species in the process. 

This process works, but they need our help - which is why we'v come up with Forest-Friendly Friday.

From November 26th to 29th, get up to 30% off & we'll donate 20% to restoring the Sumatran Rainforest.

How it Works


After several years of regular maintenance work, the trees start to do the work for themselves as the rainforest microclimate recovers and local species return! OIC’s longest running restoration site has been fully restored to secondary forest after 10 years, and is now home to orangutans, elephants and thousands of other species!

More Trees Please


The Results

It’s hard work, but it’s amazing what the restoration process can do. 

Restoration sites that started as cleared forest with depleted soil have seen the return of critically endangered Orangutans, Elephants and Tigers within just 3-4 years. Within 10 years, one site has returned to nature as a self-sustaining and biodiverse forest. Amidst all the bad news around climate change these days, take a moment to restore hope by looking at the photos below. We can restore forest, starting today.