Design Philosophy


We believe that great design cannot exist without great materials, so we strive to use sustainable fabrics of exceptional quality. We are constantly learning and assessing the best available eco alternatives to make beautiful clothing we can feel proud of. We want our clothes to be long-lasting, and our planet to be forever-lasting.


Each TAMGA piece is designed to suit your pace of life and become the go-to piece in your closet. We only select fabrics, prints and colours that are versatile enough for any location and occasion. Our goal is to design functional clothing that carries you from day, to night, to your next adventure.


We love that the female form comes in all shapes and sizes, making each one of us as unique and beautiful outside, as we are inside. That is why we consciously design and measure each piece to flatter you and spark confidence. Whether flowy, fitting or over-sized, TAMGA pieces are designed to celebrate your style, your body.


The inspiration behind each collection is born out of storytelling. Stories gathered from taking the road less traveled. Stories from meeting with artisans who warmly share their textile wisdom and skill. Stories of people and the planet. We fuse these experiences into our clothing, and allow our pieces to tell stories of their own.